Differences between Scrabble and words with friends dictionary

Scrabble and Words With Friends look similar at first sight. After playing both, you’ll see that they are significantly distinct from one another. There are two different ways to play these games, from the board structure to the regulations.

How do you decide which game to play? What are the two games’ main distinctions? Depending on the kind of task you’re searching for and your level of word-playing experience. Both games have ardent supporters for a wide range of reasons.

Here is the list of differences between Scrabble and Words with Friends:

  1. Number of Letters in a Game

The fact that each letter appears in the game in varying quantities further alters the game’s dynamics. A game of Words With Friends provides for additional high-earning words by turning them plural or past tense because there are one more S and one more T. Another D, E, S, and T are also present. In words with friends, the H has two more tiles, which is twice as many as in Scrabble.

Scrabble, on the other hand, has an extra I and N compared to Words With Friends. The characters that appear more frequently on your tile shelf depend significantly on the variation in the number of letters. Depending on the game, you’ll need to get used to using some letters more frequently than others in words in order to become a master at either Scrabble or Words With Friends.

  1. Point values that vary

    A variation in the point number for each letter tile is a significant distinction between the two games. In Words with Friends, for instance, a J earns you two extra points, whereas a B and a C only earn you one. In contrast, using a Y or an H tile will result in one fewer point in Words with Friends than in Scrabble.

    These two games have bit distinct bonus score systems. You can earn extra points in both games by forming a “bingo,” which involves using all seven of the letters on your tile rack at once. A bingo will net you 50 points in Scrabble, but only 35 points in Words With Friends.

  2. Formally Recognized Phrases

    In Phrases With Friends, there are a few additional permitted two-letter words that can give you the edge you need to win as the game draws to a close. Because any additional tiles you have at the finish of the game in both Words With Friends and Scrabble are deducted from your final score, using up your last tiles toward the end of the game will help you avoid having extras.

  3. Important Layouts

    The board layout here between the two games may be their biggest distinction. The location and number of bonus squares vary greatly between the two boards, necessitating various word length and placement techniques.

    Additionally, the center square in Scrabble counts as a double word, giving the first player, or challenge, an advantage. The center square in Words With Friends is merely a regular square, giving each participant an equal starting position.

Scrabble and Words With Friends are two extremely different games, despite the fact that they might not seem that way at first glance. Give them each a shot if you’re having difficulty picking which one to play. After playing you will get to know which to decide.