Difference between words with friends and words with friends 2

If you are confused between Words with Friends and Words with Friends 2 games then this article will cover all your doubts. Firstly, let’s go through the features of these games.

  1. Words with Friends: A multiplayer, free-to-play online word game that is reminiscent of other old-school board games by having players take turns constructing words in the form of crossword puzzles.

    All ages can enjoy hours of mentally engaging pleasure with Words With Friends because it’s simple to learn, and good for enhancing vocabulary knowledge. Additionally, Facebook, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet also offer the game. Additionally, the game has a chat element that enables players to communicate with one another. This game provides both an engaging social experience and a personal challenge.

  2. Words with Friends 2:

    Words With Friends 2 offers both thrilling community play and challenging personal challenges. Improve your vocabulary and technique in a monthly-updated Solo Challenge versus entertaining fictitious characters. With the new head-to-head, winner-takes-all Lightning Duels or the quick, team-based Lightning Rounds, dive into addictive intense variants.

    The beloved one-on-one gameplay is still available, along with new thematic activities and unique daily objectives to keep you interested and learning. Use achievements to keep track of your in-game progress and that of your friends. As you develop your wordplay, progress through the gorgeously created book-themed maps to earn prizes.

    Difference between Words with friends and Words with Friends 2

    Now that you might get an idea about the above-mentioned games here is the detailed difference between them:

    1. The primary distinction is that Words With Friends 2 frequently receives new feature updates before other games. In contrast to the other versions, that one allows you to change the tile styles for each game separately.
    2. Another distinction is that Words With Friends 2 frequently receives major feature updates before other games.
    3. Words with Friends 2 contains plenty of additional features for players and a more contemporary, minimalistic design.
    4. Words with Friends can be pretty handy and simple to use for players who don’t want to go through the hassle of installing the game from the app store. With this edition, Words with Friends can be played rapidly.
    5. There is no denying that Words with Friends continue to have a sizable audience and supporter base. However, in recent times, the most popular option for Words with Friends has been Words with Friends 2.
    6. The updates go beyond simple tweaks because Words With Friends 2 is the most recent and largest version. The most recent game types and special events frequently appear first in this app. This does not happen in Words with Friends.

Hope you get a fair idea about the games. If you have still doubts you can share them in the comment section.