How to get a high score by using the words with friends solver

Derived from the well-known board game Scrabble, Words With Friends is a crossword game designed for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). This game will help you to expand your vocabulary. With every level the game gets tough but the reward for achieving the game is high. You might be wondering how to score high in the words with friends game.

Here is the tip and trick to get a high score in words with friends.

  1. Your tray will benefit from a high tile rotation rate. It lowers your player’s likelihood of obtaining J, Q, X, and Z and raises your likelihood of getting J, Q, X, and Z. If you have an option, play the greater word over the shorter word if all other factors (points, leave, etc.) are equal.
  2. Tile switching is an expert move. In general, switch tiles when you can’t think of any plays that will net me more than 15 or so scores and the letters in your tray don’t seem likely to be of any further assistance in the foreseeable term. Never attempt to exchange tiles in your tray to construct a word you are attempting to form. I assure you that will only cause you heartache.
  3. Saving letters as you wait for additional letters to appear in a word is typically not a good idea. Clearly, having all seven letters available to select from on each round increases your chances of scoring well. You may be reducing your point for that play for each letter you withhold. If you do decide to preserve letters, limit it to a minimum and quit waiting if the letters you require don’t appear after two or three turns.
  4. It’s crucial to be familiar with two-letter words since they may come in handy or serve as a bridge to longer terms.
  5. In the game, the “S” and the BLANK are significant tiles. Given that it can be used at the end of so many words, the “S” is significant. One can place the leftover tiles for your word around a word that already exists on the board if your tray has a word with an “S” at the end of it.
  6. A “Bingo” is when all seven of the tiles in your tray are played within one turn.. You receive a 35-point bonus in addition to the points you would have received for the word(s) you created. It’s not impossible to score in the hundreds on a single play if you can combine that with a few colored squares placed strategically. Understanding how to create bingos is one of the secrets to routinely winning games. It takes some getting used to, however, the more you play, the more you’ll learn tactics that will enable you to produce an increasing number of Bingos.
  7. Look for vowels so that you can able easily achieve the score.

Hope you find these tips for getting high points in Words with Friends Solver. You can also try and test your way for getting a good score so that you can finalize your strategy.